Welcome to Soccerscouting Benelux

Creating a future in the football world means taking advantage of the right opportunities and decisions you get in your career. At Soccerscouting Benelux we use years of experience to discover talent and give it a chance to continue developing it. With a personal, professional approach to players, staff and organisations, we try to seize these opportunities that are necessary to turn the passion of the talents into their future.

How do we proceed?

In order to help you discover your talents and grow them, our selected scouts take extra notice to the following points:
We pay attention to properties such as: passing, finishing, dribbling, tackling, crosses, suppleness, strength etc.
Ball possession
We pay attention to properties such as: ball control, assumptions, play, way of moving over the field, speed etc.
We pay attention to properties such as: thinking ahead, position, role in and for the team, decisions, concentration etc.


In cooperation with our partners, we give talent the chance to be discovered. We organise various events for boys and girls.

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